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Creativity and innovation are our watch words when it comes to providing the perfect web solutions for our clients.

More than just a web host, we offer a variety of solutions from app design to web design to get our clients up and running, grabbing attention in the crowded arena of the World Wide Web, and making sales. 

We specialise in making the most of the internet for small to medium-sized businesses, and have two separate areas to our business to provide the ultimate  all round service for our clients: 

• Our creative web agency provides our clients with bespoke solutions in web design and development, app design, search engine optimisation (SEO) and other digital services. 

• Our cloud computing arm brings interactive, high quality web solutions, such as file sharing, online surveys, web hosting and cloud hosting, ensuring our clients enjoy the very best services in all aspects of their business on the WEB. 

We believe the WEB is becoming the hub that will connect the digital devices of the future and to make this possible nForto provides its users with the right tools to let them focus on what matters most. 

Why the WEB?

The WEB is borderless and is one of the most exciting things everyone uses every day! Nowadays the WEB is evolving very fast and this is just the beginning. At the present time we’re using WEB 2.0, but what we are experiencing right now is just a transition of what’s coming next. With the arrival of Cloud Computing and other technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 we’re already transitioning to WEB² (Squared) and WEB 3.0/3D, where we’ll be able to interact with 3D websites and 3D games through our web browsers.

The future is incredibly exciting, with endless possibilities and we want to help our clients make the most of their new opportunities on the WEB.

Innovation & Creativity

Innovation and creativity are part of nForto’s core values. We’re a brainy bunch and we look to provide in-house, exclusive and robust solutions tailored to our clients’ needs and based on thorough research.

We think that things shouldn’t be complicated; that clients and their target audiences should be able to easily use our solutions and apps. So, we aim to simplify things and reduce the learning curve with our tools; allowing clients to get up and running quickly and focus on their business, while still having all the functionality they need.

We always try to anticipate what’s coming next, by understanding our clients’ business, and walking with them side by side to reach the perfect solution.


We don’t just provide the innovative solutions you need, we also offer support by phone, by email or virtually. We build relationships that last and work to ensure our customers feel confident and satisfied, knowing that they only have to reach out if they have a problem, and we’ll assist them.

Green WEB

We do care very much about our planet and we design green and innovative tools, requiring the lowest energy consumption; offering you peace of mind in addition to the ideal solutions to build your business.